25 Feb 2014

Ideas Bank: A Flat Share Site

At Don’t Panic London our little minds are always buzzing around and thinking of new ideas, even when we don’t have to. It seems to be an instinct. It’s in our make-up.
So that these brilliant products of mental activity don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them into the Ideas Bank, where we pick a couple out every now and then to show off to you guys.

Client: A site which enables members to advertise their spare rooms to the general public, requiring sign up by potential users.

Aim: To create awareness of the site and to get people using its facilities via a viral video, posters and other creative content.

Idea 1: Blue Plaques

We fly-post fake blue plaques to buildings all over town, mythologising people who have been perfect flatmates, eg. ‘John Smith, Perfect Flatmate from Jan 2012 – Jan 2013. Thank you (insert website name)’. This idea can be used either for creative content generation or for designing a viral video.

'Best flatmate' - blue plaque

Idea 2: Stupid Superheros

Large pop-art posters of the superhero, The Boomerang Kid (the kid who left home to go to university and came straight back) are distributed around London. The copy on the posters go along the lines of, “Is this the future you always dreamed of? Find your own room for a lot less than you thought at …….”

This could be extended into a series starring other crap superheroes with a similar message. Eg. Basement Boy, El Loco Parentis.