Ideas Bank: Colouring Perceptions

At Don’t Panic London we are always thinking about and developing new ideas even when we don’t have to. It’s in our make-up, our DNA. So that these inspirations don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them in the “Ideas Bank”. Then every now and then we pick out a couple to show off to you guys!

Client: Paint manufacturer

Objective: To move people beyond decorating using white paint and to create content designed to inspire and bring colour to life, communicating a reason to paint beyond just decorating. The series of films will elevate colour to a higher sentimental territory by looking at the emotive side of colour and what it can do to benefit individual lives.

A White Room

Treatment: The films will excite, intrigue and amuse while uncovering stories about colour, with narratives that take viewers on a journey through the most inspiring, emotional and subversive uses of paint. By creating visually stunning, engaging pieces of content and asking important questions, we add more shades to the already brimming palette of humanity.

Format: The series would consist of six, three-minute long films and feature on an online platform. It would be presenter led with an observational documentary tone where the presenter would lend as much personality to the film as the stories and contributors featured.

The Berlin Wall

For instance, in a short film investigating the painted murals of Northern Ireland we enter their world, presenting the viewer with a portal into the subject, allowing us to ask the important questions. By engaging with local artists, experts and the people who have grown up around the imagery, we weave a personal narrative thread that touches on important times in our history. Are these giant paintings just outdated propaganda, or graffiti posing as protest?

Northern Ireland murals

Other episodes:
Epic Adverts
Skin Job
The Invisible Man
Animal Art
The Pour Painter

Discussion: The short films will be accessible and humorous. The tone would be kept light and the appeal to a broad audience on a personal level. Throughout the series, this comfortable connection with the viewer will be used to raise and discuss important topics in an informal and relaxed manner. The films will make a positive emotional impact on a massive audience who will be inspired to renew their own lives through colour.


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