24 Feb 2014

Ideas Bank: American Comedy Film

At Don’t Panic London our little minds are always buzzing around and thinking of new ideas, even when we don’t have to. It seems to be an instinct. It’s in our make-up.
So that these brilliant products of mental activity don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them into the Ideas Bank, where we pick a couple out every now and then to show off to you guys.

Client: An American film, television and music producer.

Aim: To create a stunt and viral video to promote and increase cinema sales to an American comedy, where a veteran weed dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed from the US to Mexico.

Stunt - mum the stripper

Idea: Mom, can you strip?

The MILF of the family has to prove she really is a stripper to save the lives of her fake family. The scene demonstrates the empowering nature of stripping and pole dancing and how the character is protecting her family in a very modern way. The branded RV featured in the film will pull up in Europe and girls dressed like the MILF get out to strut their stuff and perform a co-ordinated strip tease. This will get plenty of coverage and allow the women to hand out promo items.

To amplify this idea we will create a viral video. Videos where the urban environment becomes a playground often do really well. Throw in some daring, scantily clad women and you have viral gold. Our pole dancers will hit the streets using lamp posts, handrails on the tube and famous landmarks. The video could take place in multiple European capitals, such as London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Rome.