16 Dec 2015

Idea Bank: Disappearance of Death

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Automobile firms


To underscore the firm’s superb safety and accuracy features, oft taken for granted, while still maintaining a standard of style in every detail, every feature.


This video showcases the firm at the forefront of safety and precision features in a gritty Swedish crime drama clip.  This treatment underscores the absence of danger and risk.


The film features a detective duo like Scully and Mulder of the X-files discussing an impossible to solve mystery.  They, along with the audience, discover the culprit at once at the close of the film.  The way it is set-up and segmented allows for multiple “episodes” to air.


Two gritty detectives are discussing a mystery in a dive bar.  The conversation reveals the case: in 2020 the mysterious disappearance of death in a town that was once a hotspot for accidental death cases.

The scene cuts to a montage of fast-paced and brash death scenes.

Cut back to the detectives–as they leave the bar they continue to contemplate the common denominator.  The camera pans over the parking lot and onto the streets, all full of Volvo XC90s.  At once the detectives and audience solve the mystery.

The tagline

Great for precision, safety and style. Not so great for drama.