23 Apr 2018

How I stopped worrying and learned to love Brexit

Brexit meant breakfast and our MD Joe Wade found it a little hard to swallow. Now that it looks like its going to be brinner for the foreseeable future, Joe has managed to see the funny side and made a TedX talk about it. But just like Brexit, Joe’s talk is dividing opinion with Youtube account holder ‘Liar Liarliar’ commenting ‘Remoaners cannot help themselves, they just have to sneer. They think they’re so clever.’

Tough crowd, but we guess it’s hard not to appear sneering when some Brexiteers are also people who appreciate a classic Jim Carrey film so much that when faced with the horror that another Youtube enthusiast had already taken the name Liar Liar, they double-down and add another Liar, foregoing Jim’s extensive oeuvre. This could in fact, make a lot of sense as a Brexiteer probably couldn’t relate to Truman Burbank, a person who actively wants to cross borders and escape his insular, controlled community. However, in light of a EU divorce papers being drawn up however, they may enjoy the idea of being able to completely erase a relationship from your memory, a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and lets not even mention Dumb and Dumber

But we digress, Joe was finished with being a Grinch about Brexit and said Yes Man instead! Find out whether this was all just a Mask by watching the talk below: