22 Aug 2016

Headhunting…The Unconventional Way

When the opportunity arose for us to start the search for a creative director, we knew that in order to lure in the best creative talent in town, we would have to get sneakily creative ourselves. In a stunt which saw our own unconventional take on recruitment, two members of the Don’t Panic team set out on a headhunting mission, posting a series of guerrilla tearaway job flyers all over rival advertising agencies. This included the offices of Wieden + Kennedy, Mother, Lucky Generals, Grey London and Saatchi & Saatchi, where we offered all their creatives to break the ‘glass ceiling’ and join us.

We filmed the whole thing and our video, combined with the tongue in cheek “new housemates wanted” style posters, attracted a huge amount of coverage. Our irreverent approach caught the attention of ‘Campaign’, Evening Standard, AdWeek, It’s Nice That and ‘Agency Spy’, hence our playful search for talent must’ve landed itself on the radar of the cheeky creatives we were searching for. Judging by our overflowing recruitment inbox; it looks like it did just that.


However, a couple of underimpressed recruiters seemed to think our ‘out there’ approach was almost as pointless as their four paragraph comment on our LinkedIn page (ouch!). In response, our intention was certainly never to steal staff from those agencies but to get publicity for the Creative Director role (for no cost, I might add). While our critics argued that this approach doesn’t attract the ‘right person’; our rebuttal states that of course recruiters won’t like our stunt, mainly as it renders their job futile in the equation. It’s often the case that the best candidates don’t ever hear about the job, what we have done is make our job offer heard by the whole of London.

The brilliant part is that it is content. We removed cost whilst remaining edgy and engaging, attracting the attention of the creatives we desire. If you liked the stunt, you’d like us. Simple.