07 Dec 2016

Have we all gone #crazy?

Have we all gone #crazy?Some time ago now the hashtag escaped from it’s rightful place on social media and seeped into the physical world. Although many are still befuddled and at times visibly annoyed by the fact it’s use has extended outside of Twitter, it hasn’t been too bad. Yeah, it litters our text messages unnecessarily and is casually said by friends, we pray, ironically. But, for the most part it’s just another mild annoyance of these social media crazed times.

One step too far?

Now, that’s all well and good, but we’re not sure if things may have gone one step too far. A business has been formed around two concepts that are so sickeningly millennial that it’ll make you well… sick. The shipname and the #.  Yep we’re groaning too. It is now possible to pay someone to come up with the perfect wedding day hashtag, which can cost up to $115. That means couples are willing to allocate a portion of their wedding budget to #wittyhashtagablephrases.


They have chosen not to spring for an extra tier on the cake, nor are they putting it towards the gin fountain they know their single guests so desperately need. Nope, they’re creating wedding hashtags instead.

Hashtag for good

Although this does sound ludicrous in all honesty the hashtag has done much more good than bad.  It has allowed for voices to be heard in their waves, it communicates the vastness of a cause and reassures people that they are not the only ones who care. Rather unexpectedly hashtags have become a way to form communities. And even without all that, anything that manages to immortalise a gorilla, has to be worth putting up with, right?

Brands have recognised this. Using it as a platform to allow their message to spread like wildfire. If a business or charity can hone in on something people care about, while making it catchy enough for them to want to share, it can work wonders for a campaign.

Snapchat have long since recognised the power of the hashtag, and it’s not in the symbol itself. But rather the necessity to create something that allows people to share in a communal experience, regardless of if they are actually there or not. Snapchat’s answer, geofilters, which allow for users and businesses to use location specific filters in order to connect with others.

But one thing’s for sure the # has become a part of our everyday (used several times a day), and arguably is Twitter’s greatest impact on the world. Aside from, of course, revealing to us just how reckless celebrities and politicians alike are with their careers.