27 Oct 2016

We got young people to stop taking selfies…

…And start listening to them instead.

Tackling a growing issue amongst a demographic known for ignoring the advice of their elders is no easy task, so we encouraged them to #ListenToYourSelfie. Creating two films; ‘The Party’ and ‘The Game’, we told genuine stories in a genuine way, highlighting peer-to-peer relationship abuse and an online grooming scenario.

In the last year, the number of counselling sessions for children worried about online sexual abuse rose by a shocking 24%. ChildLine needed to let more young people know they had somewhere to turn to. So we encouraged them to #ListenToYourSelfie; with a campaign that has changed ChildLine’s tone of voice, allowed them speak to an older youth audience and shown teens there is place to turn in the face of all sorts of issues (from sex, to bullying, to depression).

‘The Party’ was aimed at girls to highlight peer-to-peer relationship abuse; and ‘The Game’ aimed at boys and focuses on a same-sex online grooming scenario – genuine stories told in a genuine way. These videos generated online conversions amongst teens with streams of positive comments and increased the number of Facebook followers.

To accompany the hero content we created range of tailored campaign assets that sat across digital platforms, from Facebook and YouTube, to Instagram and Snapchat.

For Instagram, we created images, voice boxes, messenger style gifs and teaser videos. And ChildLine’s Instagram saw a huge boost in their number of followers by over 200%. For Snapchat we created vertical videos and a Snapchat story causing Snapchat figures to soar, our content delivering a stunning 36% swipe up rate (compared to benchmark of 5%) and overall figures standing at 234% above planned benchmark.

Possibly most importantly,   our content led to 262,446 visits to the Childline website campaign page visits and spent an average time of 4 minutes on the page, meaning those who saw the content really engaged with the message of the campaign.

In addition, we received more than 100 media hits including The Times, The Guardian and Sky News.