27 Jan 2014

Golden Bin: Sustrans

From YouTube to Channel 4 to Paddy Power, our clients love our ideas (usually) but some don’t always make it. Our Golden Bin is full of these ideas so you can see a little more of what goes on in our brains and in our little office.

Client: Sustrans – a British charity promoting sustainable transport. Sustran is currently working on projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport to give people the choice of travelling in ways that benefit their health and the environment. Its primary project is the National Cycle Network which has created over 10,000 miles of cycle routes in the UK.

Print campaign - Sustrans cycle movement

Aim: To encourage commuters to cycle via a viral video.

Title: Biking – The New Mantra of Happiness

Idea 1: Turtle and the Hare

We shoot a beautiful video of a girl cycling to work, contrasted with a grumpy old man in a BMW, constantly getting stuck in traffic and becoming infuriated by other drivers. This can be used to create awareness around healthy living and reducing carbon footprints etc.

Client to target: TFL, Boris bikes.

Idea 2: Different Pedal Strokes

Cyclists come in many different forms. We cut together various shots of very different people – from a Hells Angel lookalike to a nerdy guy, to a woman with coiffured hair. Each shot is from side on and head-and-shoulders only. They are clearly riding something but we can’t see what it is. The strap line reads something like, “Whoever you are, whatever you need, wherever you’re going, there’s a bike you can commute on.” Similar to the above idea, this can be used to create awareness around healthy living and reducing carbon footprint.