12 Feb 2014

Facebook Fraud

Fraud - Facebook dislike

At Don’t Panic we love Facebook.
It’s a great way to stay in contact with friends and a fun way to share stupid stuff on the internet, but is it really that helpful when it comes to promoting your brand or business?

Science blog, Veritasium conducted an experiment of their own by setting up a blank Facebook page and paying Facebook $10 to legitimately promote the page. This gained ‘Virtual Cat’, the blank page, 39 ‘likes’. But why would anyone ‘like’ a blank page? These ‘likes’ were only from the UK and US, as the Veritasium excluded the developing countries that operate click farms to eliminate illegitimate clicks. Despite this, there was something not quite right about them as all of the people who ‘liked’ Virtual Cat also liked thousands of other random things. Turns out that workers of click farms also click a lot of pages that they’re not paid to click, just so they don’t get caught.

So is there any point in paying Facebook to promote a business? It seems there isn’t much difference between their current ‘legitimate’ advertising model and the illegitimate kind.

Watch the video here:

We wonder if those 900k YouTube views are legit…