12 Apr 2016

Ernie Els or Happy Gilmore in Disguise?

“That’s your home! Are you too good for your home? Answer me!!”

What would you rather do, watch paint dry or the Golf on TV? If you asked me a week ago I would have gladly said watch paint dry. But today, I could be persuaded to watch golf if it was either Happy Gilmore or Ernie Els… it’s hard to differentiate between the two. The Masters, arguably the world’s biggest golf tournament, ended on Sunday. There were many memorable moments, and my favourite is a piece starring Ernie Els.

The tournament made numerous headlines from the unlikely winner in Brit Danny Willets and Vijay Singh’s outrageous skim shot hole in one. But perhaps the best moment of the tournament was the cringe inducing 7 put from Els. He went down in history for the worst 1 hole score the Masters has ever seen. Els faced some major tribulations when it came to putting, it took him 7 bloody tries to get the ball into the first hole. The ordeal was worthy of coining the phrase “my gran could have done better”. To top it all off later in the round he managed to hit an innocent bystander in the head with his ball.

The Masters should pay thanks to Slate for spurning my unlikely interest, as if the original clip wasn’t funny enough they seized the opportunity to combine Els’ crumble with the familiar meltdown of Happy Gilmore to create a hilarious viral video. Els might not be too pleased with receiving attention for all the wrong reasons, but as the age old saying goes isn’t all publicity good publicity?

Finally the best tweet of the Masters award goes to Danny Willets brother for this hilarious quip:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.17.00