Don’t Panic wins double at Webby Awards 2015


WebbyAwards;viralvideo;mostshockingOur recent videos for Greenpeace and Save the Children have each won awards at the prestigious Webby AwardsThis year marked the 19th year for the Webby Awards, which are given out for ‘Excellence on the Internet’.

The Everything is NOT Awesome video we produced for Greenpeace won the overall title for Best Online Film & Video, in the Public Service & Activism category.

The video depicts a variety of LEGO figures drowning in oil, set to a haunting, melancholy parody of The LEGO Movie theme tune. The viral accumulated over 7 million views and helped force an end to Lego’s 50-year, £68m partnership with Shell.

Futhermore, thanks to everyone’s votes, the Most Shocking Second a Day video won the People’s Voice award in the same Public Service and Activism category. Produced on behalf of Save The Children, Don’t Panic created the video to mark the third anniversary of the conflict in Syria. The multi-award-winning, massively viral video put the plight of Syria’s children into news headlines all over the world; it follows one ordinary girl’s life as it falls apart around her, one second at a time. The video received an astonishing 46 million views in just one year on Youtube.

Both awards signify yet more recognition of the quality of both films produced by Don’t Panic and the achievement of goals set out by the campaigns they represented.

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