24 Jan 2015

Don’t Panic Invades World’s Biggest Gadget Show

In a Don’t Panic Production for Mindshare, we sent Journalist, satirist and prankster Nimrod Kamer to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.06.34

Nimrod plays the part of an eccentrically-dressed ‘Innovation Messiah’ for one of the world’s biggest tech corporations, one that made a fortune in the CD-ROM boom of the early 90s. The company has since been desperate for ideas. It has fallen to Nimrod to restore its fortunes and in doing so, save his own skin…

Mindshare commissioned this content to show that CES is the leading arena of technological innovation, even if amongst all the astonishing technologies there are some concepts that never see the light of day outside the show. It accompanies the launch of Mindshare In The Loop, Mindshare’s North America blog.

This latest collaboration between Mindshare and Don’t Panic follows the success of a series of shorts ‘No Cannes Do: Inside Advertising at the Lions Festival’, filmed at the 2014 Cannes Lions.