22 Jun 2016

Don’t Panic Cannes Diary 2016 – Day 1

Thank you Will Smith. We all feel more creative now.
Over the years I’ve learnt about the potential of big data by a dishevelled Courtney Love, the future of mobile integration by Kanye West and most recently Will Smith was in Cannes chatting about something to with creativity for some reason. Nothing proves a big agency or network is at the top of their creative game quite like pulling in a random A-lister to chat about a topic they probably don’t care that much about.
To show our appreciation of A list talent we invaded the stage last year and offered Rob Lowe access to teenagers:
Beyond nodding off to Will waxing lyrical, what else did we get up to?
We started the day off right, seeing if we could sneak in to some of the beach parties. How hard could it be? There were streams of people queueing to get in to the YouTube beach from the Croisette, neglecting to realise you could just…walk along the beach from one party to the other. No company owns the sea after all…
Admittedly, we did have to hurdle some brown leathered budgie smugglers and see off some pretty impressive sandcastles – but it was worth it for the free smoothies. Once there we got our party invite production line on the go. Stopping off at Twitter Happy Hour, we had a lovely chat and drink with our friend Oli Snoddy and bore witness to the trailer for “Aeroplane Mode” the brainchild of Logan Paul – the social media film coming out this Autumn already has a following of 500 million. Guess that comes as a given when you put the worlds biggest online stars on a plane together. The premise we still don’t (& probably will never) understand – but Logan’s gold winged snakeskin shoes were impractical beachwear items we could get on board with.
We then headed to the rooftop of the Martinez to watch the new Global Goals film in the Girls’ Lounge. Amongst a flurry of inspiring female activists, including our friend Gail Gallie, Co-Founder of Project Everyone, we heard what this could mean for us girls in the future and how we have the next 15 years to bring this issue to the fore, affecting real change on a global level. The film sees girls from around the world cover the lyrics to the Spice Girls’ Wannabe, bringing Girl Power back in to politics in a pretty badass way. Tell us what you want, what you really really want!
Then it got a little more blurry, we learnt the best method for handing out wrap invites is a pocket slip and a wink and discovered inflatable hashtags were a thing (a big thing). We had cocktails and snacks galore with our pals at Great Guns before stopping at the Haymarket Hive, grabbing dinner and ending up where every night should – with our two founders in drag.