Don’t Panic Cannes Diary 2016 – Day 3

So we have to admit, today was a slow starter. Having crawled along the Croisette at 6am, waking up with no air con and 27 degree heat made for a steaming hangover team-wide. To add insult to injury we were all greeted by the sad fact our country had made the generally ill-informed decision to leave the EU; needless to say we were all moping about for a while this morning.

No amount of petrol station OJ was going to fix us so we went on the hunt for a decent carb-heavy lunch. As is the way when you want something SO badly, your expectations are unnaturally high and you end up making bad hungover decisions. We managed to pick a spot for lunch that was the only place in the whole of France to serve microwave chips and iceberg lettuce. Between us our slowly-functioning brains managed to form the words ‘snails’ and ‘seafood’ when ordering…needless to say there were a lot of fragile stomachs and leftovers after that.

Trying desperately to fix our wrongs, we headed to Little Black Book Beach to seek the healing powers of Vitamin D, UV rays and chilled Rose wine. Hair of the dog?

Facebook Beach Party; Cannes Lions; 2016


Having made ourselves feel remotely human again, we escaped the madness of the Croisette in favour of Villa George, the amazing location of WeTransfer’s We Talk Music event. Sat under a draped white canopy, with a light breeze and a sea of stylish music-sorts , our hungover bedraggled existence was all the more alarming. However, we managed to go undetected and enjoyed interviews by Thristian, co-founder of Boiler Room and listened to the selected ‘choons’ of Lily Cole and Giles Peterson. Having wrapped up the chats, everyone was ushered to the villa pool to enjoy a DJ set, free drinks and yummy stalls of food from charcuterie to noodles to popcorn stands. Solid offering.

WeTransfer; cannes lions; 2016; pool party

On our way out the villa, we had the pleasure of meeting Amani aka blogger Muslim Girl who was over from New York visiting France for the first time and taking Cannes by storm. Unfortunately we had already flown back to grey England when her talks were happening but we’re sure they weren’t to be missed!

Sadly we just missed a set from Floating Points back at Villa George which I was momentarily distraught about, having made dinner plans with our friends over at Burning Reel. However, the boys did good! Providing us with an endless supply of healing carbohydrates and copious G&Ts, we were made. Once we’d all made the transition from hangover to food coma, we rolled down the Croisette to Shots Beach Party. We were all wildly disappointed by the fact you had to BUY drinks tokens – just showing how spoilt we’d been all week and clearly not in the mindset to be returning to London any time soon. The party filled up within the hour, providing endless entertainment in the form of drunken Ad men with two left feet ‘letting loose’ on the dance floor. I have to admit I did sit laughing on the sidelines, conveniently ignoring the fact that was exactly me the night before.

And so friends, I leave you with this last photo as I sit at Nice airport, wandering which queue I should join on my way OUT of the European Union…

Nice; Brexit; non-EU; Cannes Lions

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