26 Jun 2016

Don’t Panic Cannes Diary 2016 – Day 2

Day Two and the sun is shining. Having lathered on the sun block, we headed over to the Innovation Lions to check out the start ups from around the world and take some new tech inventions for a test drive. Here are a few of our favourites:

Made By Those have come up with a way to bring social media to life in real time. They take a live Twitter feed and transform it in to hand-written ‘white board’ notes, providing a pretty great way to keep people in the loop about what everyone is saying re the event they are at without just streaming it to a screen.

Innovation Lions, Cannes, 2016, Twitter, Tech

Rattle have come up with a way to bridge the gap between social and outdoor media the other way around. Mixing experiential and out of home, their augmented reality tech allows punters to generate personalised pieces of content to share online. We’ve all seen Pepsi’s ‘Unbelievable Bus Shelter’, well this uses the same technology.

Augmented Human; AR; VR; Innovation Lions; 2016

Having been inspired by these guys we went to a talk hosted by AKQA’s Sam Kelly, where we saw Sean Gourley, founder of QUID, talk to us about the Augmented Human. He explained that many people think algorithms and bots taking over is something for the future when, in fact, it’s already happening. 61% of internet traffic is currently non-human. Beyond all the fake views reports and ad-blocking this is yet another, if not the same, reason companies need to act smartly by investing in creative and thought-provoking content that doesn’t need a huge media spend. Robots are only just beginning to understand emotion and sentiment, taking meaning from something and engaging with it organically is something only humans can do. You need to look at the engagement of your content, not the views.

Though an incredibly thought-provoking talk, I have to admit my favourite part was a photo Sean showed of a click-farm in China. Pretty funny at first glance, but once you really think about what’s happening there, it’s inherently depressing.

Fake Views; Ad-Blocking; Click Farm; Cannes Lions; 2016

We then returned to the beaches (this time being legit with wristbands…we decided the snake life just wasn’t for us) and deposited some more invites, drank some mojitos and went on our merry way. Splitting the team, half of us went to the News UK boat party to do some covert mingling, and the other headed to the much anticipated Twitter Beach Party.

Boats: Having previously been a little judgemental of the whole ‘super yacht’ gang, I have to say it was pretty great to dip our toes in for a little while. Firstly Take That graced us with their most intimate gig to date – coupled with the sunset backdrop, I did find myself throwing shapes to Relight My Fire like a middle-aged woman reliving her ‘younger years’. Once we’d had a bit of respite from the Sax Man, Fat Boy Slim jumped on the decks to take us through to midnight. So that and the excellent cheese selection made for a pretty great party.

Beaches: With some record breaking queue jumping, now coveted as “the wee trick” the other half of team DP hopped and skipped into the Twitter party. Complete with some killer performances and the ever present rose / champagne and cocktails combo on tap we cut through the dance floor and did our best to get our invite into the pocket of Channing Tatum – did he make it to our party? (No.)

Cannes Lions; NewsUK; Boat Party; 2016; Take That

And now for the main event. The Don’t Panic After Party.

At we think about 1am the jubilant crowd of party goers strolled into disco 7 for our after after party to be greeted by team DP donning wigs and sunglasses, surrounded by tacky disco lights and dance music. To be honest, I don’t think they could have hoped for a better scenario. I’d like to continue talking you through the scandals and stories but honestly, I can’t remember them with great clarity. I do know it ended in a Jacuzzi at 6am so I think it was ultimately a great success. Shout out to We Are Social, Mediacom, Stash, Burning Reel, Lucky Generals and the rest who genuinely murdered the dance floor.

I’ll take 2 nurofen, a berocca and a truck load of water – merci beacoup.

Cannes Lions; 2016; Dont Panic Party; Disco 7