Recently, we visited the Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later event and had a great time. Here’s some top tips if you’re looking to survive an outbreak of the undead and afterwards watch a film in bed…

*If you can’t find it, follow what looks like another junior doctors’ strike.

* Do NOT wear heels/platforms/anything you can’t run away in.

* Take a jumper- the cinema room is freezing.

* Be prepared to be asked if you’ve exchanged bodily fluids with people. After all, sharing is caring…

* Don’t go hungover.

* If you get out of breath walking up the stairs, this might not be one for you.

* Do not buy the halloumi chips. They sound nice, don’t be fooled.

* When you get into the flat, sit on the left hand side for creme de menthe

*When they ask if you want some crisps, say yes


* Spend the money, buy the scrubs – pyjamas for life

* The penicillin is delicious, the aspirin… not so much

* Choose your bed fellow wisely, be ready for the snorers.

* Even though you’re tempted, that ‘zombie’ you want to club to death has been working for longer than you have and will go home well after you’re gone. Respect the undead.

* Don’t be the guy who refuses to join in with the army drills.

* Stock up on booze for the film. Buy the popcorn. Of course it’s overpriced, but you’ll be endlessly jealous if you don’t.

* Look out for the zombie break dancing

* Don’t be tempted to steal an extra pillow, you can’t physically stack them. Trust me.

* The doctors aren’t real, so don’t try and get your prostate checked. It won’t go down well…

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