Would You Delete Memories for Money?

Would You Delete Memories for Money?

Would you take the chance to delete your most precious memories for a sum of money? Don’t Panic do capitalism versus sentimentality and test several people’s willingness to wipe their brains for money in the new film with lastminute.com: ‘Memories or Money?’


In a recent piece of research conducted by lastminute.com, it was found that three-quarters of Brits admit that they would never delete their most precious memories – were it possible – for any amount of money. To find out how precious memories really are, lastminute.com put members of the public to the test with a filmed social experiment. During the ‘scientific’ experiment people were led to believe a specific treasured memory had been pinpointed in their brains, and were offered the chance to have it deleted for a lump sum of money. The results were fascinating, with a few even willing to take the cash!


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After breaking the truth to the participants – the fact that pinpointing and deleting memories isn’t actually all that realistic and that the set up is indeed fake, the film adorably concludes that memories truly are priceless, and cannot be bought – with the last tagline reading ‘This Christmas choose memories, choose travel’.  


Memories – 1 | Capitalism – 0


Watch the film here: https://www.facebook.com/lastminute.com/videos/10154854646382096/

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