20 Nov 2015

Don’t Panic’s “Everything is not Awesome” video is the focus for D&AD’s next President’s Lecture with Greenpeace

For three years Greenpeace have been fighting fiercely for their long-running Save The Arctic campaign. Numerous acts led to Shell finally backing down; from scaling the Shard to installing automatic banners at the Brussels Formula 1 and activists dangling from bridges to block ships, the fight from supporters was relentless. Don’t Panic’s part was played when the “Everything is Not Awesome” video was released. The video was a massive success for both Don’t Panic and Greenpeace and it lead to us being awarded the notorious White Pencil award from D&AD.

The video helped put an end to Lego’s 50 year long, £68m partnership with Shell, drowning the oil company’s marketing objectives in a tidal wave of views, shares and press coverage. In January next year D&AD will be discussing the topic of cohesive strategy and the necessity of the cooperation of global brands in making an effort to make the world a better place. Head of Art & Editorial Mel Evans and fellow Arctic campaigners Trillia Fidei and Elena Polisano will be heading the discussion. They will reflect on the charity’s 3 year long battle to save the arctic, a struggle that has been met with many obstacles but serves as proof that creative and emotionally-charged campaigns can become major enforcers in shaping ideologies and movements in history.