Dale Maily gives the “Lazy Lefties” a taste of Jeremy Hunts medicine, or does he?

On Wednesday the junior doctors were out in full force striking against the new proposed government contract. So we headed down with everyone’s favourite tory journo Dale Maily to see what all the commotion was about.

As Dale reiterated many times throughout the day, Dr Hunt as he likes to call him is a personal friend of his, a mean golfer and a bloody brilliant chef. He just couldn’t understand why the doctors were complaining about having to work a mere 7 days a week and thought the personal attack on Jeremy was disgusting. At one point Dale even offered a fiver out of his very own pocket, a take it or leave it offer to get back to work. The doctors politely declined.

It’s safe to say the doctors failed to agree with Dale’s opinions, and rightly so. The proposed changes for junior doctors are absurd. Stretching 5 days worth of doctors over 7 days of normal clinical work is not conducive to having the world class healthcare the taxpayers deserve. There is a real concern about the robustness of safeguards around working hours and patterns. The working patterns could become equivalent to that hellish rota your boss enforced on you at the bar you worked at during university, except this time you haven’t accidentally made a move on your boss’ girlfriend. Doctors don’t deserve the uncertainty, they can’t change jobs, it’s NHS or nothing. Therefor they have no option but to accept the planned changes or become unemployed.

Overstretched doctors make for tired doctors and tired doctors make mistakes. The situation is set to get worse and worse as there’s no further funding for doctor training – which we drastically need. A stiflingly high 97% of doctors are opposed to the proposed changes. Dale says boo hoo, but it isn’t a matter of boo hoo, it isn’t just a matter of being unfair to the junior doctors, these implications will affect every single one of us that don’t have Dale’s beloved private healthcare. Unfortunately care levels will drop, we’ll see even longer waiting times and doctors making vital mistakes. Campaigner, Dr Lauren Gavaghan who spoke to Dale at the rally says “We are all patients at one time or another”, and that is why it’s such an important issue for everyone to engage with.

With the admittance in Jeremy’s book that he’d like to see the NHS privatised, this is gradually becoming more and more of a possibility. To say this would be a shame is a massive understatement. The NHS is a national institution that is the envy of so many countries, it defines what it is to be British and is vital service to a vast majority of the population.

It was revealed earlier today that fresh talks can be ruled out, the planned changes will be implemented. So that unfortunately means for the first time in the NHS history there will be a walk out of junior doctors nationwide on the 26th and 27th of April!

We made the film with the aim to highlight some of the presses idiotic views and give a voice to the under publicised points of the junior doctors and nurses. With over a million views, thousands of shares and likes all within the first 24 hours it’s hard to ignore the numbers, which correlate into a 1.78 engagement rate (word to the slightly less wise amongst us, average engagement rate is 0.7%).

We spoke to Dale this morning and he thinks it’s absolutely preposterous that people are supporting the doctors. He feels as though people haven’t taken him seriously and we agreed with him. But did point him in the direction of some of the more stupid comments left on the video to cheer him up. And here they are:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 15.18.39

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