02 Feb 2015

Cross-party Frozen Karaoke Exposes Cold Truth About British Homes

Politicians singing an honest version of ‘Let it Go’ in parliament? They said it couldn’t be done.

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This week is #ColdHomesWeek, where the Energy Bill Revolution and its alliance of 200 major charities, businesses and unions is putting pressure on political parties to pledge spending on insulating homes.

We made ‘Let Them Freeze‘ in collaboration with video pranksters Mothers Best Child to hit home the point that no major party has pledged a penny to insulate homes. This is when more die from living in cold homes than on British roads.

A 2012 Netmums survey found that one in five mothers have to make the desperate choice between heating and eating due to high energy bills.

Lyrics are provided for those who like to sing along. #LetThemFreeze