02 Mar 2015

Creative Director Douche Bag Detection Device

creative director douche bag test - initiate

The all new, swanky, tech-elite C.D.D.B.D.D has arrived. Thinking of hiring a new Creative Director? Make sure you have them take this test first so you know exactly what you’re in for. By turning knobs and switching dials you highlight all their faults and fancies in a brilliantly accurate way, with all the true cliches covered throughout. The man-bun, the meticulously coiffed facial hair, horn-rimmed glasses and grandpa jumpers.

Creative director cliches - tattoo

I decided to take it for a spin by describing a creative I used to work with and see what it spits out. It was alarmingly accurate – trucker caps are alive and well people.

creative director; test; cliche; irony

Similarly, we had a test emailed round the office last week that delivered some pretty hilarious results. What your initials say about you according to the Daily Mail…I have no doubt that there’s a legitimate and empirical scientific explanation behind this.


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