19 Mar 2018

Control C Mistakes

Despite the thousands of pounds, hundreds of man hours and countless edits that go into creating a brand’s campaign silly mistakes still manage to slip through. Throw in some awkward oversights and poor decisions and the results can be tragically humorous and will leave you questioning how some of these decisions made it out of the brainstorm!  

Walkers Wave Champions League Twitter campaign

Walkers trusted the public to submit their photos via Twitter, the company encouraged the public to submit selfies that would be shown on screen with Gary Lineker. The poor vetting process allowed images of convicted criminals to be projected on a digital billboard.

Zoopla’s #MeToo advertising

We’re all for jumping on trends in advertising, but earlier this year when UK property site Zoopla nonsensically used MeToo on their London underground advert there was social outrage. The advert features crabs, saying ‘me too’ one after the other, which appears to mock the Me Too movement. The #MeToo hashtag spread virally soon after the revelations of sexual misconduct allegation against Harvey Weinstein. 


Next, let’s talk about the early 2017 Trivago advert. Not only was it a dull piece of content, simply consisting of a women stood in front of a search bar with a bit of text staring direct at the camera, but it seemed to follow you around everywhere… Whether you found her annoying, unnerving or couldn’t get enough of “Trivago Girl” she turned out to be a success and helped boost Trivago’s net revenue by 67% during 2017.

Brittany Ferries

French Shipping company Brittany Ferries, has released a series of out of home promotional images scattered around the underground. And, scandal there’s a typo. With a poster this big you would have thought they might have noticed the missing word.

USPAAH Spa Service

USPAAH’s offensive underground advert suggests that men keep their partner sweet by giving them a home spa treatment. Despite large social backlash USPAAH stand by their campaign arguing the tone is tongue and cheek.

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