23 Jan 2014

Church of England Issue 9 Social Media Commandments

As you know, the Ten Commandments are a set of biblical commandments relating to worship and ethics, which play a fundamental role in Christianity and Judaism. These life rules were thought to have been received by Moses around the 13th century BC, so they’ve been around for a pretty long time.

Church of England Twitter

Nevertheless the Church of England have issues a further nine commandments to help guide people through the temptations of social networks and hopefully eradicate embarrassing statuses.

Officials are urging tweeters to ask, ‘Would God like my tweet?’ before posting as well as asking them to keep the following commandments in mind:

1. Don’t rush in
2. Remember updates are transient yet permanent
3. You’re an ambassador for the church
4. Don’t hide behind anonymity
5. Think about the blurring of public/private life boundaries
6. Safeguarding: communicating directly online is like meeting someone in private
7. Stay within the legal framework
8. Respect confidentiality
9. Be mindful of your own security

In essence they’re asking those who participate online to act in the same way that they would offline, which is probably something we should all bear in mind whether Christian or not…

But if we all lived by those rules then Twitter accounts like @TooMessedUp wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t be able to send naked selfies to people we’ve never met.