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How Does Viral Marketing Work?

27 Feb 2018

The infamous bank robber Willie Sutton, when asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, supposedly answered “Because that’s where the money is.” Despite this Sutton later denied having said it but the common-sense reasoning  of the quote has allowed it to survive for decades as it fits so many situations. The answer for why…

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Dale Maily gives the “Lazy Lefties” a taste of Jeremy Hunts medicine, or does he?

08 Apr 2016

On Wednesday the junior doctors were out in full force striking against the new proposed government contract. So we headed down with everyone’s favourite tory journo Dale Maily to see what all the commotion was about. As Dale reiterated many times throughout the day, Dr Hunt as he likes to call him is a personal…

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SPF 50: The effect of ad block

14 Mar 2016

Ad blocking is the topic du jour for the advertisement industry at the moment; everyone has an opinion on it. So here is ours. It isn’t a new phenomenon, so why has it been thrust into the media spotlight? Apple are partly responsible, they recently announced that IOS9, the new operating system for iPhones and…

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Don’t Panic’s “Everything is not Awesome” video is the focus for D&AD’s next President’s Lecture with Greenpeace

20 Nov 2015

For three years Greenpeace have been fighting fiercely for their long-running Save The Arctic campaign. Numerous acts led to Shell finally backing down; from scaling the Shard to installing automatic banners at the Brussels Formula 1 and activists dangling from bridges to block ships, the fight from supporters was relentless. Don’t Panic’s part was played…

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The Problem of Fake Views and How to deal with them

18 Nov 2015

Ever since Kurzgesagt created this video; that called out Facebook for stealing views from other channels and creatives who slaved over the content; there’s a growing concern for views vs. engagement rate on digital video content. The video tells us the clever but inaccurate ways Facebook determines a view. The result of which are ‘fake…

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UNICEF UK winter campaign “World Upside Down” reaches 1.5 million views within the first 24 hours

05 Nov 2015

Don’t Panic London have created a film to launch UNICEF UK’s winter campaign. ‘World Upside Down‘ shows the uncertain and frightening realities for children in countries facing civil unrest and fallout after natural disasters. The film tells the story of a young family taking a trip to the park, but before long things start to…

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Ideas Bank: Using Celebrities For Good

18 Jun 2015

At Don’t Panic London we are always thinking about and developing new ideas even when we don’t have to. It’s in our make-up, our DNA. So that these inspirations don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them in the Ideas Bank. Then every now and then we pick out a couple to…

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VOTE NOW: Don’t Panic nominated for Webby Awards 2015

09 Apr 2015

Our recent work for Save the Children and Greenpeace have received nominations to win awards at the Webby People’s Voice Awards 2015. Both campaigns have been nominated in the 3 categories below. Voting is now open, so please click the links below and vote for us!   Online Film & Video – General: Public Service &…

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Cross-party Frozen Karaoke Exposes Cold Truth About British Homes

02 Feb 2015

Politicians singing an honest version of ‘Let it Go’ in parliament? They said it couldn’t be done. This week is #ColdHomesWeek, where the Energy Bill Revolution and its alliance of 200 major charities, businesses and unions is putting pressure on political parties to pledge spending on insulating homes. We made ‘Let Them Freeze‘ in collaboration with video pranksters…

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