Category: Technology

Category: Technology

Could Virtual Reality Eventually Substitute an Actual Reality?

04 Apr 2018

What is reality? Usually it’s overheating on the Central line whilst ignoring a podcast en route to a Monday morning meeting. But what if we go a bit deeper, beyond the tube and past the coughing person next to us who shouldn’t be on public transport; how do we actually manage to distinguish between what…

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The battle for sharing stories… around the campfire

Goliath vs Goliath – The battle for sharing stories… around the campfire

14 Jun 2017

Snapchat has been embroiled in a battle for nearly a year with Instagram, a battle for; money, power and market share, but, who has the edge? Snapchat has the advantage of being preferred by a more youthful demographic with its most popular age group that of the 18-24 year olds and 60% of its users…

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The next big thing in DOOH?

20 Mar 2017

We live in a technologically progressive world, and not even Trump can stop that – thankfully. With new tech constantly being developed it’s interesting to see what can have applications for advertising, Lightvert a UK media tech company thinks it has the next big thing in DOOH (Digital Out Of Home advertising)! Bold claims, but…

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TV’s Bad Habits are Beginning to Bite

07 Mar 2017

Adam Cozier, the CEO at ITV has just announced a 3% drop in annual advertising revenue. The now trembling fingers down at ITV are desperately pointing towards the rocky events that last year brought, whilst spouting that advertiser interest in TV is still toptop – we beg to differ. Whatever the reason for the “temporary”…

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Brands ‘funding’ terrorism is a wake-up call to stop buying audiences

10 Feb 2017

The Times’ front page today slated advertising, crying out that ‘big brands fund terror’ through programmatic. And they unwittingly do; ads from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Waitrose and Argos sit next to content by Islamic extremists, white supremacists and pornographers on their sites and YouTube channels. This is not the first time we have heard…

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The Kids Are…Better Than Us

30 Jan 2017

Sitting at a communal desk, in a creative agency, in Shoreditch surrounded by Millennials it’s easy to think that the secret to staying ahead of trends and abreast of all things new has been cracked. But of course, that’s an annoyingly Millennial thing to say. Because, as much as we hate to admit it our…

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New Year No Methbots

16 Jan 2017

Our MD Joe Wade was asked to right the advertising world’s wrongs last week, by letting the readers of City AM know exactly what needs to be left behind in 2016. As it turns out it’s not the Kardashians or the minute by minute reports on the demise of the US.  But instead it’s our…

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It’s a Like/Hate Relationship

23 Dec 2016

The era we live in is indisputably run by technology. With these advances in tech, come advances in science, medicine, navigation, discovery – I won’t get carried away. But there’s a downside to all this development too. The effect it’s having on our future generations may not be as positive as we had originally hoped.…

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Have we all gone #crazy?

07 Dec 2016

Have we all gone #crazy?Some time ago now the hashtag escaped from it’s rightful place on social media and seeped into the physical world. Although many are still befuddled and at times visibly annoyed by the fact it’s use has extended outside of Twitter, it hasn’t been too bad. Yeah, it litters our text messages…

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Is Snapchat’s Story nearly over?

01 Dec 2016

It’s been a little while now since Instagram launched it’s shameless copycat feature Instagram Stories as a rival to Snapchat. While it caught all of our attention, admittedly because of the sheer cheek of it, the dust has now settled and the memes have died down. Now we’re asking who really has more people gathered…

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