Category: Social Media

Category: Social Media

How to Promote Viral Content

24 Apr 2018

Every blogger, marketer, or brand dreams of creating that magical piece of content that goes viral the instant it’s posted. Going viral is a great thing no matter what industry or niche you are in, apart from maybe the adult film industry. You definitely want your brand or posts to be seen by as many…

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Questions to Ask Yourself About Viral Marketing

10 Apr 2018

Why do we suffer? Does life have a purpose? Should we fear the future? Is there a god? Life’s big questions can seem a bit overwhelming, but none is more all-consuming and existential than the five questions one has to ask oneself if you desire to go viral! Generally speaking, viral marketing is considered a…

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Ready Player One’s virtually ridiculous print campaign

19 Mar 2018

The renaissance of Virtual Reality is well and truly underway outside of the tech world. The release of Steven Spielberg’s latest film Ready Player One marks VR’s welcome return to the zeitgeist. Ready Player One re-imagines a world where the only limits of reality are your own imagination. Based on a dystopian planet where people can ‘avatar’…

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The Key to Successful Viral Content: Emotional Engagement

06 Mar 2018

As we all know Social media has become such a dominant factor in our everyday lives that it’s actively tearing apart the fabric of society. So it comes as no surprise that researchers have overlooked the pressing issues of division and hatred and tried to determine what factors cause online content to go viral. What…

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How Does Viral Marketing Work?

27 Feb 2018

The infamous bank robber Willie Sutton, when asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, supposedly answered “Because that’s where the money is.” Despite this Sutton later denied having said it but the common-sense reasoning  of the quote has allowed it to survive for decades as it fits so many situations. The answer for why…

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5 Reasons Why Creative Advertising Is Important

20 Feb 2018

Believe it or not, advertising agencies have been around since 1869. These agencies perform a number of functions for their clients, including market research and ad placement at often-discounted rates. But it’s more than just discounts to thank for the survival and growth of ad agencies for more than 150 years they’ve produced creative advertising…

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One of our top Creatives has made a film with BBC3!

19 Jan 2018

One of our top creatives Jake Moss has broken free from the corporate shackles of creative advertising, where he’s forced to create short videos for clients… to go and make a creative, short video for the BBC! The video parodies classic office culture, in which sick work colleagues refuse to go home despite displaying visible…

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Autism Hour Campaign

Take a Minute to Learn about Autism Hour

10 Oct 2017

It’s 20:48, you’ve only just got off the Overground after an Odyssean style journey into the remote hinterland of Zone 4 for a dinner party. You’re in the only shop for miles faced with a wall of bottles and cans of Ting. Do you go for the £5 Chardonnay? the price tag is enticing… Or…

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Donald Trump rode the wave of controversy to become leader of the free world.

How to be Outrageous in a Trump Orientated World

21 Aug 2017

In a world where Brexit means breakfast and a Tweet could play a Franz Ferdinand style role in modern history, audiences are more polarised than ever and much quicker to proclaim moral outrage. Thanks to the web, what would have been conversations over the water cooler the next morning are now conversations across oceans immediately…

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The battle for sharing stories… around the campfire

Goliath vs Goliath – The battle for sharing stories… around the campfire

14 Jun 2017

Snapchat has been embroiled in a battle for nearly a year with Instagram, a battle for; money, power and market share, but, who has the edge? Snapchat has the advantage of being preferred by a more youthful demographic with its most popular age group that of the 18-24 year olds and 60% of its users…

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