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Category: Listicle

How Does Viral Marketing Work?

27 Feb 2018

The infamous bank robber Willie Sutton, when asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, supposedly answered “Because that’s where the money is.” Despite this Sutton later denied having said it but the common-sense reasoning  of the quote has allowed it to survive for decades as it fits so many situations. The answer for why…

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5 Reasons Why Creative Advertising Is Important

20 Feb 2018

Believe it or not, advertising agencies have been around since 1869. These agencies perform a number of functions for their clients, including market research and ad placement at often-discounted rates. But it’s more than just discounts to thank for the survival and growth of ad agencies for more than 150 years they’ve produced creative advertising…

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New Meme Sees Animals Shoulder To Shoulder

21 Apr 2015

Even its most infrequent users will know that the internet is no stranger to animal photos. Some animals have made a comfortable living from this fact, such as ‘Grumpy Cat’, whose trademark frown has created a viral empire worth $100 million. With videos of cats dressed as sharks, seals stealing fish and dogs failing to catch tennis…

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First Look - YouTube virals 2014

YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Trends of 2014

01 Apr 2014

In this video, YouTube announce the upcoming video viral trends of 2014. These include: – Clocking – Where a person goes somewhere iconic and films themselves holding up their arms like the hands of a clock and slowly moving them around to correspond with the time. – Kissing Dad – Where a person films themselves…

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Print - Mila Kunis for Jim Beam

Incongruous Celebrity Spokespeople

03 Feb 2014

Mila Kunis recently become a spokesperson for Jim Beam bourbon. The new ad campaign features a video capturing Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s grandson, giving the hot Black Swan star a tour of their distillery, an education in bourbons and the Beam family history. Kunis appears excited as she “chews” the bourbon, but also a little…

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Church of England Issue 9 Social Media Commandments

23 Jan 2014

As you know, the Ten Commandments are a set of biblical commandments relating to worship and ethics, which play a fundamental role in Christianity and Judaism. These life rules were thought to have been received by Moses around the 13th century BC, so they’ve been around for a pretty long time. Nevertheless the Church of…

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Listicle - Charlie Brooker on advertising

Charlie Brooker’s Ten Biggest Cocks and She-Cocks in Advertising

08 Jan 2014

Charlie Brooker’s Ten Biggest Cocks and She-Cocks in Advertising may be old, but it’s still relevant. Here are the biggest cocks and she-cocks in advertising, pre 2008. 10. The group of friends in Dorito’s Friendchips ad. 9. Michael Winner in the ‘Calm Down Dear!’ Ensure ad. 8. Pat, the ‘stupid turncoat whore’ in the Nescafe…

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