Category: Film

Category: Film

One of our top Creatives has made a film with BBC3!

19 Jan 2018

One of our top creatives Jake Moss has broken free from the corporate shackles of creative advertising, where he’s forced to create short videos for clients… to go and make a creative, short video for the BBC! The video parodies classic office culture, in which sick work colleagues refuse to go home despite displaying visible…

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Would you delete memories for money?

Would You Delete Memories for Money?

05 Dec 2017

Would you take the chance to delete your most precious memories for a sum of money? Don’t Panic do capitalism versus sentimentality and test several people’s willingness to wipe their brains for money in the new film with ‘Memories or Money?’ In a recent piece of research conducted by, it was found that…

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Quidco - Can You Buy Happiness?

Can You Buy Happiness? Quidco Says Yes.

15 Nov 2017

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had some extra money on your hands? Or just known that buying something you’ve had your heart set on for ages would bring you happiness like you’ve never experienced before? “I’m currently saving up for a beak”, Ted Parrotman cheerily mentions in a clip…

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Unison - Pats on the Back

Pats On The Back With Unison

08 Nov 2017

This year we saw the government spend a whopping £1bn on a deal to secure their victory after the hung parliament fiasco, after watching public sector workers being told that there was no “magic money tree” to fund their (quite frankly well deserved) pay raises. For years now, public service workers have had their wages…

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End Polio - Don't Panic and Rotary International

Immerse Yourself in our Latest Film

13 Oct 2017

We’ve teamed up with Rotary International, to create a new immersive VR experience, named One Small Act. The experience highlights the impact Rotary International is making around the world, focusing on its work to eradicate polio. Its one of the first examples of narrative storytelling in VR. Shot in Romania using both mono and stereoscopic…

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Unison - 15 minute makeover

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed: the injustice of the social care system

06 Apr 2017

Social care in the UK is in need of our attention. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of councils in England and Wales are still commissioning 15-minute care visits. So we’ve been at it again, addressing injustice with one big satirical slap round the face. This morning our 15 Minute Care Makeover film with Unison went live aimed…

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Have you ever made someone feel like this, without even realising?

31 Mar 2017

  It’s World Autism Awareness Week, and we’ve made another film for you guys to address a vital issue around Autism – the world simply doesn’t know enough about it. According to a survey of families with autistic family members, 87% say people stare, tut or make disapproving noises about behaviour associated with their child’s autism.…

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The game show that asks the public if they are ‘FIT4WORK’

21 Oct 2016

I, Daniel Blake is Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or winning humanist masterpiece. Set  in the North East of England, Daniel needs help from the State for the first time ever following an illness. He crosses paths with a single mother Katie and the two find themselves in no-man’s land caught on the barbed wire of welfare…

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We may need a bigger shelf!

21 Sep 2016

Not meaning to brag but we might… After we and Factory nominated this film, we have won two Clio Awards for the sequel film we created for Save the Children Still the Most Shocking Second a Day. The film has won two bronze awards in the ‘Short form’ and ‘Sound Design’ categories. Unfortunately, after the…

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Where would you be without an education?

13 Sep 2016

Education. It’s something the majority of us take for granted. Reading…writing…counting, are processes ingrained in our day to day lives. But what if you just…forgot? What if a doctor could no longer read the label on a medicine bottle? What if a teacher could no longer recite the alphabet? Or a playwright no longer read…

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