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Category: Event

End Polio - Don't Panic and Rotary International

Immerse Yourself in our Latest Film

13 Oct 2017

We’ve teamed up with Rotary International, to create a new immersive VR experience, named One Small Act. The experience highlights the impact Rotary International is making around the world, focusing on its work to eradicate polio. Its one of the first examples of narrative storytelling in VR. Shot in Romania using both mono and stereoscopic…

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Autism Hour Campaign

Take a Minute to Learn about Autism Hour

10 Oct 2017

It’s 20:48, you’ve only just got off the Overground after an Odyssean style journey into the remote hinterland of Zone 4 for a dinner party. You’re in the only shop for miles faced with a wall of bottles and cans of Ting. Do you go for the £5 Chardonnay? the price tag is enticing… Or…

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Fyre Festival - complete chaos

Fyre Festival: complete chaos, deceptive advertising and cheese sandwiches

02 May 2017

It was not a good time to be a wealthy, hedonistic poser this weekend. Yes, we’re talking about the absolute car crash that was the Fyre Festival. I mean these people have more money than sense, who spends up to nearly $13 000 for a festival ticket? And doesn’t super luxury completely defeat the point…

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NAS - Speak - A Don't Panic Campaign

Autism Uncut

12 Apr 2017

More than 99% of people have heard of autism, but very few actually understand it. What’s more, autistic people are often misrepresented and stereotyped in the media – or simply cut out altogether. An authentic representation is missing often due to inaccurate editing, non-autistic actors/actresses and storylines with misleading scenarios. As part of Too Much…

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16 Nov 2016

Last week we shipped our MD Joe Wade (resident sharer of wisdom) to Lisbon for the 2016 Web Summit. We thought this was a pretty huge deal considering Don’t Panic was heading from Shoreditch to Europe’s largest technology conference. Web Summit saw 50,000 entrepreneurs, tech professionals, investors, journalists, business executives, and political leaders from around…

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Approaching supporters, not customers

16 Jun 2016

Many brands are willing to pay through the roof for a chance to advertise in live televised sporting events. The Superbowl, for example, provides an opportunity for brands to fight for attention on a large global platform, at $4.5 million per 30 second spot! We imagine spots during this summer’s euros aren’t much cheaper. The…

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Wellies vs Headsets

21 Mar 2016

As we Step closer into the digital revolution, technology is creeping its way into our lives in some unexpected ways… The UK Festival scene has become one of the most celebrated pastimes with the millennial age and an integral part of the British Culture. If we go back forty or fifty years to the days…

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100% Possible

03 Dec 2015

Ahead of the climate summit in Paris, Here Now and the global movement for 100% clean energy asked us to make a video that highlighted the idea that clean energy is 100% achievable. The film 100% Impossible features famous figures who triumphed over adversity – including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, alongside modern…

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Don’t Panic’s “Everything is not Awesome” video is the focus for D&AD’s next President’s Lecture with Greenpeace

20 Nov 2015

For three years Greenpeace have been fighting fiercely for their long-running Save The Arctic campaign. Numerous acts led to Shell finally backing down; from scaling the Shard to installing automatic banners at the Brussels Formula 1 and activists dangling from bridges to block ships, the fight from supporters was relentless. Don’t Panic’s part was played…

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UNICEF UK winter campaign “World Upside Down” reaches 1.5 million views within the first 24 hours

05 Nov 2015

Don’t Panic London have created a film to launch UNICEF UK’s winter campaign. ‘World Upside Down‘ shows the uncertain and frightening realities for children in countries facing civil unrest and fallout after natural disasters. The film tells the story of a young family taking a trip to the park, but before long things start to…

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