Category: Charity

Category: Charity

Oxfam - Let's Even It Up

Let’s Even it Up

08 Nov 2017

We’ve  teamed up with Oxfam and their campaign ‘Even It Up’, and created a film to highlight the direct link between tax, inequality and poverty, showing the human impact on the world’s poorest countries.   The film focuses on the relationship between tax and public services, illustrating the impact tax avoidance has on vital resources…

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Unison - Pats on the Back

Pats On The Back With Unison

08 Nov 2017

This year we saw the government spend a whopping £1bn on a deal to secure their victory after the hung parliament fiasco, after watching public sector workers being told that there was no “magic money tree” to fund their (quite frankly well deserved) pay raises. For years now, public service workers have had their wages…

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End Polio - Don't Panic and Rotary International

Immerse Yourself in our Latest Film

13 Oct 2017

We’ve teamed up with Rotary International, to create a new immersive VR experience, named One Small Act. The experience highlights the impact Rotary International is making around the world, focusing on its work to eradicate polio. Its one of the first examples of narrative storytelling in VR. Shot in Romania using both mono and stereoscopic…

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Autism Hour Campaign

Take a Minute to Learn about Autism Hour

10 Oct 2017

It’s 20:48, you’ve only just got off the Overground after an Odyssean style journey into the remote hinterland of Zone 4 for a dinner party. You’re in the only shop for miles faced with a wall of bottles and cans of Ting. Do you go for the £5 Chardonnay? the price tag is enticing… Or…

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Blind First Dates - Sparks fly!

Sparks Fly for Guide Dogs

07 Sep 2017

Whilst working with Guide Dogs we found out that almost two million people in the UK are living with sight loss that has a significant impact on their daily lives. Of those, around 180,000 rarely leave their homes alone and can lead lonely, isolated lives. So we made a video to help. Of course, isolation…

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Create powerful, effective fundraising

Create powerful digital content for effective fundraising

15 Jun 2017

Charities are diminishing their advertising budgets on TV ads when digital content campaigns are more cost effective and deliver brilliant results. Sadly, at the moment, digital content campaigns have an image problem. Charities believe they deliver brand awareness. True. But they also deliver to the bottom line. We need to re-educate ourselves: digital content can…

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Unicef - Don't Panic Client

Whizz Kid? Try This Test

21 Apr 2017

Fancy yourself as a bit of a whizz kid do you? Reckon you’re the guy everyone wants on their pub quiz team? Alright then bigshot, let’s see how you fare on the ultimate brain test. Yes, we’ve teamed up with National Autistic Society again with our new Take a Minute film designed to show the…

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NAS - Speak - A Don't Panic Campaign

Autism Uncut

12 Apr 2017

More than 99% of people have heard of autism, but very few actually understand it. What’s more, autistic people are often misrepresented and stereotyped in the media – or simply cut out altogether. An authentic representation is missing often due to inaccurate editing, non-autistic actors/actresses and storylines with misleading scenarios. As part of Too Much…

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Unison - 15 minute makeover

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed: the injustice of the social care system

06 Apr 2017

Social care in the UK is in need of our attention. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of councils in England and Wales are still commissioning 15-minute care visits. So we’ve been at it again, addressing injustice with one big satirical slap round the face. This morning our 15 Minute Care Makeover film with Unison went live aimed…

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Have you ever made someone feel like this, without even realising?

31 Mar 2017

  It’s World Autism Awareness Week, and we’ve made another film for you guys to address a vital issue around Autism – the world simply doesn’t know enough about it. According to a survey of families with autistic family members, 87% say people stare, tut or make disapproving noises about behaviour associated with their child’s autism.…

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