Category: Celebrity

Category: Celebrity

Revolting nominated for award

Revolting Nominated for Broadcast Award

04 Dec 2017

Revolting, by our friends Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse (aka the team behind The Revolution Will Be Televised), has been nominated for the Best Comedy Programme award at the Broadcast Awards! The show is the duo’s latest satirical offering, doing what they do best: mocking the current state of our nation. The Broadcast Awards is…

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Unison - Pats on the Back

Pats On The Back With Unison

08 Nov 2017

This year we saw the government spend a whopping £1bn on a deal to secure their victory after the hung parliament fiasco, after watching public sector workers being told that there was no “magic money tree” to fund their (quite frankly well deserved) pay raises. For years now, public service workers have had their wages…

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Donald Trump rode the wave of controversy to become leader of the free world.

How to be Outrageous in a Trump Orientated World

21 Aug 2017

In a world where Brexit means breakfast and a Tweet could play a Franz Ferdinand style role in modern history, audiences are more polarised than ever and much quicker to proclaim moral outrage. Thanks to the web, what would have been conversations over the water cooler the next morning are now conversations across oceans immediately…

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It’s not this summer's new blockbuster but our political pranks.

Betrayal, Sex and Grime. No, it’s not this summer’s new blockbuster but our political pranks.

19 May 2017

In a move to bring humour to British politics, last week we unleashed one of our own, Mr Heydon Prowse on some unsuspecting politicians. No stranger to Pranks and Politicians, having starred in BAFTA award winning show ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’, so we feel he was perfect for the job. Our targets were; Tim…

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Dale Maily gives the “Lazy Lefties” a taste of Jeremy Hunts medicine, or does he?

08 Apr 2016

On Wednesday the junior doctors were out in full force striking against the new proposed government contract. So we headed down with everyone’s favourite tory journo Dale Maily to see what all the commotion was about. As Dale reiterated many times throughout the day, Dr Hunt as he likes to call him is a personal…

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An Intern Explains Donald Trump

08 Dec 2015

Donald Trump’s seemingly rocketing political popularity can be attributed to three things. First and most obviously, his cognitive and linguistic development has been stunted to that of a nine year-old.  The language of political rhetoric is becoming less accessible to many Americans and Brits alike.  Donald Trump, for better or worse, has failed entirely to…

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100% Possible

03 Dec 2015

Ahead of the climate summit in Paris, Here Now and the global movement for 100% clean energy asked us to make a video that highlighted the idea that clean energy is 100% achievable. The film 100% Impossible features famous figures who triumphed over adversity – including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, alongside modern…

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Don’t Panic’s “Everything is not Awesome” video is the focus for D&AD’s next President’s Lecture with Greenpeace

20 Nov 2015

For three years Greenpeace have been fighting fiercely for their long-running Save The Arctic campaign. Numerous acts led to Shell finally backing down; from scaling the Shard to installing automatic banners at the Brussels Formula 1 and activists dangling from bridges to block ships, the fight from supporters was relentless. Don’t Panic’s part was played…

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‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ for the Rose D’Or.

10 Nov 2015

We are extremely pleased to announce that are highly acclaimed creative team behind have been nominated for the prestigious Rose D’Or. The awards just keep on coming and we are more then happy for that to be the case. Could this be another trophy to add to our already tightly packed shelves? We shall find…

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Ideas Bank: Using Celebrities For Good

18 Jun 2015

At Don’t Panic London we are always thinking about and developing new ideas even when we don’t have to. It’s in our make-up, our DNA. So that these inspirations don’t go to waste, we fold them up and deposit them in the Ideas Bank. Then every now and then we pick out a couple to…

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