15 Nov 2017

Can You Buy Happiness? Quidco Says Yes.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had some extra money on your hands? Or just known that buying something you’ve had your heart set on for ages would bring you happiness like you’ve never experienced before? “I’m currently saving up for a beak”, Ted Parrotman cheerily mentions in a clip from ‘Turns Out Money Can Buy Happiness’, Don’t Panic‘s new film with Quidco.

The film explores the concept of money being able to buy happiness, by featuring three people with quirky interests: there’s Ted Parrotman, who has changed his surname by deed poll to reflect his love of parrots, and David Roth, whose love is investing in his giant sci-fi costumes. And then there is 73-year-old Margaret Tyler, who has been collecting royal family memorabilia for over 40 years. “I think I have bought happiness,” declares Margaret. The three take us through what they spend their money on and how it makes them happy – from fidget spinners with the Queen’s face, to costume building materials.

The film ends with ‘Whatever you’re into, spend your cashback on it. Buy happiness.’, which makes you wonder what you’d buy if you had extra cash to spend.

Quidco members get cashback on all their online purchases – it’s like free money back on purchases you would often have been making anyway. But even though we often spend on normal things like clothing, holidays or insurance, Quidco gives people a chance to get cashback bonuses, and spend that money on what really makes them happy.

Whether you’re spending on joys like video games or holidays, or the big annual outgoings like car insurance, broadband and utilities, what if you too could earn cashback on those purchases to invest in something you genuinely love? Would that make you happy?

Watch the film and check out the microsite here