08 May 2014

Why Brands Should Embrace the Parody

Branding - Embrace the Parody

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but brands continue to feel upset whenever a parody is created.

True success of a branded video is no longer dependent on the views it gains, but how it inspires others because that’s what proves its level of engagement and the imprint it’s made on society. This article tells how parodies should not only be embraced but actively sought out.

Take the First Kiss branded viral for clothing company, Wren. First Kiss has gained over 81 million views since its release, with many of those views linking back to its spoofs.

This video had so many spoofs, Buzzfeed decided to round them up in its Definitive List of First Kiss Parodies. Many of these parodies became virals themselves, such as the VICE We Got 20 Strangers Who Aren’t Models to Kiss Each Other video which has had 868k views alone.

The above articles tells how by embracing parodies, brands can accentuate the existing buzz and engage with not only their own targets, but those of the other brand which created the parody.