12 Feb 2016

Battle of the Titans: TV vs Online

Everyone, stop what you are doing! The BBC has brought to light a study from Childwise who, in all their wisdom, have revealed that young people spend more time playing and socialising online than watching TV. Surely this ground-breaking news is going to shake up the industry…

Luckily Don’t Panic are ahead of the curb. With this not-so-recent rise of tablets and ways to spend online, such as that new found TV streaming service ‘Netflix’, young people are consuming more content online than ever before.

This means that now you’re going to have to change your marketing approach if you want to target these ‘young people’. But you are probably so used to the comfort and safety of TV advertising you’re not willing to throw yourself into the murky underbelly of online marketing. No fear, Don’t Panic are here. We are there to provide you with all the necessary parts to create an effective piece of online content.

If my word isn’t enough have a look through our work.