11 Feb 2014

Apple Accepts App That Tracks US Drones

App - Apple drone GPS

Apple has approved an app that tracks every US drone and sends a notification to users every time a flying robot is sent out to cause damage to the world.

The app has already been rejected five times over the course of a year and a half, but got approved after the word ‘drone’ was dropped from the name and its description.

On its first three attempts to go live the app was called Drones+ and for the second two, Dronestream. It was finally approved after changing its name to Metadata+. It was initially submitted with no functionality – the maker added the drones strikes once it was accepted by Apple.

Apple’s further reasons for its initial rejections were because the app was not useful or entertaining enough and didn’t appeal to enough audiences, apparently.

Last year, we made this parody of Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ to highlight and expose Obama’s CIA drones programme, after he decided to routinely execute people with missiles fired from the sky, far from any battlefield, without trial by jury or any regard for collateral casualties, in countries that have not even declared war.