01 Mar 2017

8 Ways Our World Isn’t Equal That You Need To Hear About

1.Girls in Uganda miss up to 8 days of study each term because they are on their periods with limited access to sanitary products and washrooms.


2. Women living in the least developed countries are almost a third less likely than men to be connected to the internet


3. 1 in 3 women worldwide experience physical and/or sexual violence


4. In the democratic Republic of Congo women are half as likely to have any savings in the bank as men, even though they have roughly the same percentage of adults working in the labour force.


5. Girls born in Kenya are 2 times more likely than boys to experience sexual violence in their lifetime.


6. Six-year-old girls are less likely than boys to think members of their own gender are brilliant (and they’re more likely than boys to shy away from activities requiring that exceptional intelligence).


7.  There are more men leading the UK’s biggest companies called John than there are women.


8.  In Niger, 28% of girls will be married by 15.