17 Jun 2014

40% of Men Would Turn Down Sex to Watch Football

With all eyes on the World Cup games, Durex conducted a survey to determine the real power of football matches.

2,000 men were asked if they would turn down their partners in favour of watching a game of football, and 40% answered yes. You can read more about those findings here.

In response to this sad statistic, condom brand Durex launched its #DontFakeIt campaign. The hashtag instantly calls to mind a different kind of faking – one that Durex has opposed against for a while now, although the purpose of this campaign is actually to encourage people not to be like football players who show ridiculous and fake trips and grimaces during the game and to show their real feelings and emotions/keep consumers busy in the bedroom to sell more condoms.

The goofy ad shows football players who look like they’re from the local recreational league offering ridiculously melodramatic performances. Pretty reminiscent of Puma’s Love or Football campaign a few years back, if you ask us…