Month: February 2017

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We Stand with Brave Girls

22 Feb 2017

Our films for Plan International UK Each girl is living within a well-known story, but in everyday acts of bravery they find the strength to break away from the scene and walk off what we realise is a film set. The film highlights how all over the world brave girls are standing up against the pre-written…

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Mrs May’s Trump Card

17 Feb 2017

It was Valentine’s day this week, a day of widespread love and more than likely wider spread bitterness. So naturally we saw this as a chance to troll the unsuspecting and arguably incompetent people at Number 10. We delivered a giant, over the top, Valentine’s Day card from President Trump to Prime Minister Theresa May…

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None of Us Are Equal Until All of Us Are Equal

15 Feb 2017

In our latest work with we created a short powerful film ‘Poverty Is Sexist’. The film travels the globe to bring to light the fact that there is categorically nowhere in the world where women have the same opportunities as men. As a direct result of this women who are the hardest hit by gender inequality…

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Brands ‘funding’ terrorism is a wake-up call to stop buying audiences

10 Feb 2017

The Times’ front page today slated advertising, crying out that ‘big brands fund terror’ through programmatic. And they unwittingly do; ads from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Waitrose and Argos sit next to content by Islamic extremists, white supremacists and pornographers on their sites and YouTube channels. This is not the first time we have heard…

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