Month: November 2016

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We beat the big agencies at the British Arrows…

24 Nov 2016

Another one (well five) for our collection. Last night Don’t Panic certainly cleaned up at the British Arrows Craft Awards last night. Our nearest and dearest film with Save the Children, ‘Still the Most Shocking Second a Day’ secured an amazing 5 Arrows at the ceremony. We secured 3 Gold Arrows for Editing, Sound Design and…

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23 Nov 2016

In our latest video ‘Could you stomach this?’ with PETA UK we pulled one of our classic prank/stunts to point out that drinking the milk of another species is just, well, naaaasty. We organised a focus group for “Barker’s Farmhouse Milk”, get it, “Barker’s”, and handed out some tasty samples of a new milk brand.…

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16 Nov 2016

Last week we shipped our MD Joe Wade (resident sharer of wisdom) to Lisbon for the 2016 Web Summit. We thought this was a pretty huge deal considering Don’t Panic was heading from Shoreditch to Europe’s largest technology conference. Web Summit saw 50,000 entrepreneurs, tech professionals, investors, journalists, business executives, and political leaders from around…

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The bank that will change banking…

11 Nov 2016

Banks are boring. And for a long time that’s how we’ve liked it. Boring and safe. Safe and boring. Honestly the last thing most people would want to hear from the organisation entrusted with all their money/savings/life’s work is that they’re planning a huge shake up come world takeover. Generally, you want someone who can…

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Another week, another win

07 Nov 2016

We’ve done it again! Our week is off to a flying start here at Don’t Panic with some true #MondayMotivation news that ‘Still the Most Shocking a Day’ picked up 3 LIA Awards. Our video with Save the Children snagged a full set, securing Gold, Silver and Bronze awards! Here’s the details; Bronze for Music…

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Taking online dating into the real world

02 Nov 2016

Brits spend on average a measly 1 minute and 45 seconds connecting with potential life partners while online dating and in that time will likely be bombarded with crude one-liners or lewd photos. So, for the good of the Tinder universe we did what had to be done and sent a guy onto the streets…

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