Month: September 2016

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28 Sep 2016

Our viral Too Much Information campaign film was watched 56 million times worldwide. But now we want to see your experience brought to life on the big screen. As part of the UK’s largest autism understanding campaign, Too Much information, we’re inviting aspiring, student and professional film-makers to help give the public a greater understanding…

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27 Sep 2016

In our last post we mentioned that we might need a bigger awards shelf. Today’s news leaves me with a quick question; does anyone know how to put up a new shelf? There was more excitement here in the office as we kicked off a great week for Don’t Panic with the announcement that we’d…

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We may need a bigger shelf!

21 Sep 2016

Not meaning to brag but we might… After we and Factory nominated this film, we have won two Clio Awards for the sequel film we created for Save the Children Still the Most Shocking Second a Day. The film has won two bronze awards in the ‘Short form’ and ‘Sound Design’ categories. Unfortunately, after the…

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The Little Project that Smashed Big Benchmarks…

20 Sep 2016

Earlier this month it was time for children all over the UK to head back to school, and that meant it was time for us at Don’t Panic to join them, not literally, but by getting our thinking caps on for a slightly experimental social campaign. Teaming up with Save the Children, we aimed to…

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Experiencing Blind Ambition with Paralympian Libby Clegg

14 Sep 2016

Every hour another person in the UK loses their sight .. but they don’t lose their ambition. Our new video made in collaboration with Guide Dogs UK gives audiences a binaural insight into what it is like to grow up blind.     Asking audiences to use their headphones and close their eyes, we follow…

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Where would you be without an education?

13 Sep 2016

Education. It’s something the majority of us take for granted. Reading…writing…counting, are processes ingrained in our day to day lives. But what if you just…forgot? What if a doctor could no longer read the label on a medicine bottle? What if a teacher could no longer recite the alphabet? Or a playwright no longer read…

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Are algorithms always smarter than humans?

01 Sep 2016

Human error is something we want to eliminate…right? Well Facebook tried to do just that and although they indeed succeeded in removing the potential bias that accompanies any human involvement, they in turn lost all sensibility and credibility, made apparent by their recent monumental Trending Topics screw-ups.  Facebook loves its algorithms and pride themselves on…

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