Month: August 2016

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Trademarking: We should’ve seen it coming

25 Aug 2016

We should’ve seen it coming… Wait…can I even say that now?   This week saw the UK Intellectual Property Office approve an application by Specsavers to trademark the phrase “should’ve”. Is this the beginning of a prolific corporate coup of our public language? It might just be.   While some common words have been protected…

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Headhunting…The Unconventional Way

22 Aug 2016

When the opportunity arose for us to start the search for a creative director, we knew that in order to lure in the best creative talent in town, we would have to get sneakily creative ourselves. In a stunt which saw our own unconventional take on recruitment, two members of the Don’t Panic team set…

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Suicide Squad: Where Marketing Budget Trumps Movie Quality

16 Aug 2016

Comic book fan or not; social media enthusiast or not; you’ve likely heard more than your fair share about “Suicide Squad”.  The DC comics sidestory has been widely promoted starting with a trailer leak during Comic-Con, multiple follow-up trailers, as well as the neon posters occupying walls, billboards, and bus stops.  Despite abysmal reviews, “Suicide Squad” set box…

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Scientists and Butterflies: Sexism in Advertising

05 Aug 2016

The hit TV series Mad Men is jam-packed with misogyny and sexist quips; and despite the shows criticism over these character flaws, a danger lies in the fact it lets us believe that sexism is a resigned aspect of a retro ’60s world.  Yet even this month, the issues within the industry such as the…

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