Month: June 2016

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Generation X : How the millennials are changing the advertising game

28 Jun 2016

The Brand Strategy Research Group (BSRG) alongside others recently conducted a research project into the future of branded content. They concluded that what pulls in audiences post-internet is no longer flashy adverts, but creative and reactive content. This is no surprise given that social media is now being driven by Generation X, those born after…

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Don’t Panic Cannes Diary 2016 – Day 3

27 Jun 2016

So we have to admit, today was a slow starter. Having crawled along the Croisette at 6am, waking up with no air con and 27 degree heat made for a steaming hangover team-wide. To add insult to injury we were all greeted by the sad fact our country had made the generally ill-informed decision to leave…

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Don’t Panic Cannes Diary 2016 – Day 2

26 Jun 2016

Day Two and the sun is shining. Having lathered on the sun block, we headed over to the Innovation Lions to check out the start ups from around the world and take some new tech inventions for a test drive. Here are a few of our favourites: Made By Those have come up with a…

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Don’t Panic Cannes Diary 2016 – Day 1

22 Jun 2016

Thank you Will Smith. We all feel more creative now. Over the years I’ve learnt about the potential of big data by a dishevelled Courtney Love, the future of mobile integration by Kanye West and most recently Will Smith was in Cannes chatting about something to with creativity for some reason. Nothing proves a big…

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Emoji Targeting

21 Jun 2016

Are you excited for “World Emoji Day”?! No, we’re not either. But Twitter is. Twitter is launching a new initiative for advertisers to target users depending on their engagement with specific emojis. Brand promoters recon they can identify people’s moods and mindsets by studying their emoji activity. This new method is essentially no different to…

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Approaching supporters, not customers

16 Jun 2016

Many brands are willing to pay through the roof for a chance to advertise in live televised sporting events. The Superbowl, for example, provides an opportunity for brands to fight for attention on a large global platform, at $4.5 million per 30 second spot! We imagine spots during this summer’s euros aren’t much cheaper. The…

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Experience autism with Virtual Reality

09 Jun 2016

Surveys show that 99% of people in the UK have heard of autism but only 16% understand it in a meaningful way. In order to address this issue the National Autistic Society has launched a series of VR events in UK’s venues starting on 9th July. Autism TMI Virtual Reality Experience The project comes as…

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07 Jun 2016

Today marks the deadline to register to vote for the EUreferendum. Have Stronger In and Brexit managed to persuade the younger generation to engage with the debate and vote? Well we won’t fully find out till voting starts on the 23rd but if the awful ads from both groups are anything to go by, then…

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