Month: May 2016

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Teach a taxi driver new tricks!

31 May 2016

In the past we have all seen the embarrassing videos of shop assistants or restaurant owners refusing people with guide dogs to enter their premises. Widely shared on Facebook and other social media, they make us cringe with disgust. After all we do understand that guide dogs are special. They have an undeniable role in…

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The most sought after interview in advertising

26 May 2016

It’s been a busy old month here at Don’t Panic HQ, none more so than for our MD Joe Wade. He has been dishing out his enviable wisdom left, right and centre. With features in the Evening Standard, City AM, the Drum, Marketing Magazine and Brand Republic, he’s hot property. The advertising industry as whole…

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20 May 2016

Recently, we visited the Secret Cinema’s 28 Days Later event and had a great time. Here’s some top tips if you’re looking to survive an outbreak of the undead and afterwards watch a film in bed… *If you can’t find it, follow what looks like another junior doctors’ strike. * Do NOT wear heels/platforms/anything you…

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Still the most shocking second a day

18 May 2016

We released the  sequel to our multi-award-winning, globally viral Most Shocking Second a Day video. Since the original was released about 470,000 deaths have been caused by the Syrian civil war. 11.5 percent of the Syrian population has been wounded or killed since 2011, when the conflict began. 13.5 million Syrians are in dire need of…

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