Month: March 2016

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JUST EAT – Discover The Healthier Way to Takeaway

22 Mar 2016

It’s been a few days now since our film for Just-Eat was released and we’re on our way to spreading the message of healthy eating! Just-Eat approached us to help them get the word out on their new branch of healthy eating. The film reached over 250K views in the first two days of its…

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Wellies vs Headsets

21 Mar 2016

As we Step closer into the digital revolution, technology is creeping its way into our lives in some unexpected ways… The UK Festival scene has become one of the most celebrated pastimes with the millennial age and an integral part of the British Culture. If we go back forty or fifty years to the days…

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SPF 50: The effect of ad block

14 Mar 2016

Ad blocking is the topic du jour for the advertisement industry at the moment; everyone has an opinion on it. So here is ours. It isn’t a new phenomenon, so why has it been thrust into the media spotlight? Apple are partly responsible, they recently announced that IOS9, the new operating system for iPhones and…

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The Little Explorer

10 Mar 2016

It’s been a couple of days since we released our “The Little Explorer” for Greenpeace and have been blown away with the response. As sea ice melts due to climate change, industrial fishing vessels are venturing further north than ever before to fish using destructive equipment that could damage this previously inaccessible ecosystem. The film…

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Beyond Satire

04 Mar 2016

Should footage from the houses of commons be allowed to feature in satirical television shows? You can bet a vast majority of today’s bumbling MP’s will say no. The question was highlighted by Ealing Labour MP Rupa Huq during yesterday’s parliament. Huq asked, “Could we have a statement on the uses of broadcast footage of…

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