Month: February 2016

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Terminator 6: Rise of the fake view count

25 Feb 2016

Ad fraud, once a dirty little secret, has become a hot topic of debate, and rightly so. A study carried out by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) predicts that advertisers will lose $7.2 billion due to nonhuman digital traffic.  Unfortunately as the digital spend continues to grow the amount of money lost is only…

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Stained glass windows: Peering in on the churches agenda

18 Feb 2016

With the number of people attending church ever dwindling how does the church stop this downward spiral?  Well apparently a series of Youtube videos… The new approach from the Church of England is the result of a failed attempt to show a short film, The Lord’s Prayer, before the new Star Wars movie. Unfortunately for…

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Battle of the Titans: TV vs Online

12 Feb 2016

Everyone, stop what you are doing! The BBC has brought to light a study from Childwise who, in all their wisdom, have revealed that young people spend more time playing and socialising online than watching TV. Surely this ground-breaking news is going to shake up the industry… Luckily Don’t Panic are ahead of the curb.…

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

08 Feb 2016

This month we made a film for BPAS, The British Pregnancy advisory service. With our help they are making strides towards overturning the ‘Offences Against the Person Act 1861’. This law prevents women in Britain from independently making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is still illegal in the UK unless two doctors decide…

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