Month: December 2015

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Idea Bank: Disappearance of Death

16 Dec 2015

Client Automobile firms Objective To underscore the firm’s superb safety and accuracy features, oft taken for granted, while still maintaining a standard of style in every detail, every feature. Treatment This video showcases the firm at the forefront of safety and precision features in a gritty Swedish crime drama clip.  This treatment underscores the absence…

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Squatty Potty will make you flip your lid

15 Dec 2015

Benjamin Franklin once said there were only two certain things in life: death and taxes…but he forgot a third one: awkward conversations.  Perhaps it was because of the times or because he was a recent descendent of the Puritans.  All the same, post-modern life has afforded us with a multitude of opportunities for awkward encounters…

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An Intern Explains Donald Trump

08 Dec 2015

Donald Trump’s seemingly rocketing political popularity can be attributed to three things. First and most obviously, his cognitive and linguistic development has been stunted to that of a nine year-old.  The language of political rhetoric is becoming less accessible to many Americans and Brits alike.  Donald Trump, for better or worse, has failed entirely to…

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100% Possible

03 Dec 2015

Ahead of the climate summit in Paris, Here Now and the global movement for 100% clean energy asked us to make a video that highlighted the idea that clean energy is 100% achievable. The film 100% Impossible features famous figures who triumphed over adversity – including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, alongside modern…

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Ideas Bank: Seeking the Bare Necessities

01 Dec 2015

Client An environmental NGO Objective To draw awareness to devastating effects of deforestation. The video highlights the feelings of alienation and wandering that homelessness produces and uses them to make a compelling argument against deforestation. Treatment The film is shot in real life locations throughout the London streets.  Animated animals are painted into the shots,…

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Day Without Art

01 Dec 2015

December 1 marks World Aids Day.  It is one day out of 365 when we wear the red ribbon in an effort to prompt conversations about HIV and AIDS.  Broaching this conversation is not necessarily easy or comfortable for all.  Younger generations are less aware and informed about the virus and many claim to not…

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