Month: September 2015

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DISMALAND: Banksy’s Neverland

30 Sep 2015

This weekend saw the end of Banksy’s dystopian paradise, Dismaland. Like all those who came before me I’d seen about 40,000 instagram filtered variants of Banksy’s seaside attraction Dismaland before I walked beneath the Gothic typed sign. I expected the castle, the Mermaid, the freaky wheel and figured these as big scale photographic opportunities with…

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iphone Ad Blocker Will Let Users Decide What Ads They Receive

28 Sep 2015

Crystal, the popular iPhone ad blocking service, has announced that it will join the ‘Acceptable ads’ initiative. This will allow users to opt in to receiving particular non-disruptive ads. First we had a way to block any and all content from us pesky advertisers, but now we are creating interesting narratives you might be missing…

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Young & Minted: I Won the Lottery

21 Sep 2015

Once again Don’t Panic have teamed up with Channel 4 to create another series of Shorts to live on their online platform, All4. The series explores what lottery winners, Jamie, Matt and Jane have done with their earnings that they won back when they were budding adolescents. We’ve all thought and been asked that question; what…

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Just Eat, Chief Takeaway Tester film

08 Sep 2015

Don’t Panic have created a hugely entertaining short online video for the epic takeaway service Just Eat. The film was created to mark the opening of a unique opportunity available to students in the UK: to become Just Eat’s Chief Takeaway Tester. Those lucky few who are successful with their applications will win free takeaways for a whole…

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Freelance Senior Designer Role

03 Sep 2015

Senior Designer Role Freelance Salary: Competitive Salary – based on experience DPP Agency LONDON DPP Agency DPP Agency believes in big ideas and close partnership. By working side by side with our clients we create an immersive team that solves problems together. We engage not only with our clients but also their audience creating strategy…

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