Month: April 2015

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Don’t Panic wins double at Webby Awards 2015

28 Apr 2015

  Our recent videos for Greenpeace and Save the Children have each won awards at the prestigious Webby Awards. This year marked the 19th year for the Webby Awards, which are given out for ‘Excellence on the Internet’. The Everything is NOT Awesome video we produced for Greenpeace won the overall title for Best Online Film & Video, in the Public Service & Activism category. The…

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Why give a XXXX? Because you’ve got more power than you think

22 Apr 2015

With only 44% of 18-24 year olds voting in the last general election versus 73% of 55-64 year olds, it’s no wonder young people seem as though they don’t understand or care about politics. Think the older generations know what it means to swipe left? What emojis are? Or that they’re able to tell the…

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New Meme Sees Animals Shoulder To Shoulder

21 Apr 2015

Even its most infrequent users will know that the internet is no stranger to animal photos. Some animals have made a comfortable living from this fact, such as ‘Grumpy Cat’, whose trademark frown has created a viral empire worth $100 million. With videos of cats dressed as sharks, seals stealing fish and dogs failing to catch tennis…

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VOTE NOW: Don’t Panic nominated for Webby Awards 2015

09 Apr 2015

Our recent work for Save the Children and Greenpeace have received nominations to win awards at the Webby People’s Voice Awards 2015. Both campaigns have been nominated in the 3 categories below. Voting is now open, so please click the links below and vote for us!   Online Film & Video – General: Public Service &…

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Save the Children at Youth Marketing Summit 2015

02 Apr 2015

This year’s Youth Marketing Summit saw speakers presenting work from all of the usual suspects. An addition to the work presented with a more “serious note” was the Most Shocking Second a Day video for Save the Children. Sean Pillot de Chenecey, founder of Captain Crikey, believes that the work was socially proactive and transformational. In…

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