Month: April 2014

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Viral Video - WREN first kiss

Do Viral Videos Create Sales?

14 Apr 2014

We don’t know about you, but we hadn’t even heard of fashion label, WREN until it released its First Kiss viral. The video sees twenty strangers – ten boys and ten girls – meet and kiss for the first time. It’s awkward, emotional and beautiful at the same time and resulted in hundreds of parodies…

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NotABugSplat - stop drones Pakistan

Giant Photo of a Girl is Supposed to Make Drone Pilots Quit

09 Apr 2014

A giant portrait of a young girl who apparently lost her parents and siblings to a drone attack has been installed onto an open field in Pakistan as part of the #NotABugSplat project, launched by British not-for-profit organisation Reprieve. The idea is that when someone looks down from a drone pilot’s point of view and…

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Stunt - Transferwise worst barman

Transferwise: World’s Worst Barman Prank

08 Apr 2014

Transferwise allow you to transfer money from country to country without taking the huge cut that banks take, for doing nothing but pressing a button. We conducted this hilarious prank at a pub in East London to put this into perspective. #BarPrank

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Don't Panic - talk with Jake Chapman

Don’t Panic Presents: A Night with Jake Chapman

07 Apr 2014

Don’t Panic presents a night with Jake Chapman – one half of the Chapman Brothers. The sibling art duo are renowned for their controversial shock art including a series of watercolours painted by Hitler and fibreglass child-size mannequins with penises for noses, commonly known as ‘Fuck Face’. As well as producing and exhibiting sculptures and…

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First Look - YouTube virals 2014

YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Trends of 2014

01 Apr 2014

In this video, YouTube announce the upcoming video viral trends of 2014. These include: – Clocking – Where a person goes somewhere iconic and films themselves holding up their arms like the hands of a clock and slowly moving them around to correspond with the time. – Kissing Dad – Where a person films themselves…

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